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Fire safety is a component of Building Safety.


Some elements include:


  • Maximum occupancy listing (Making sure that an area isn't so full of people that they can't all get out quickly in an emergency).
  • fire exits and proper signage of them (e.g., Exit signs pointing to them that can function in a power failure)
  • Placing fire extinguishers and fire alarms in easily accessible places.
  • Banning of over-flammable materials for building or use.
  • Frequently inspecting public buildings for violations and closing it until the violation is corrected or condemn it in extreme cases.
  • Installing fire alarm control panels for quick detection and warning of fire.


Fire code (also Fire prevention code or Fire safety code) is a set of regulations prescribing minimum requirements to prevent fire and explosion hazards arising from storage, handling, or use of dangerous materials, or from other specific hazardous conditions. Fire safety code supplements building code, which includes construction requirements to minimize fire spread and to provide for safe fire exits.


Although it may address similar issues, fire safety code is aimed primarily at preventing fires in the first place, including outside of buildings, and that necessary training and equipment will be on hand.